Smart Services

Green Mountain Smart Tech provides Audio, Video, Wi-Fi, Lighting, Automation, Security Cameras, IT, and many other technology services for homes and businesses.


The music you love –or the latest news, weather and talk– will be effortlessly available anywhere and everywhere inside and outside your home.


Automatically control temperature, security, lighting and entertainment either automatically, with the touch of a button on your phone or tablet, or via Amazon Alexa voice control.



Your entire video collection plus broadcast, cable, and all the online services will always be just where you want them. Watch the big game in your office while the kids play video games in their rooms. Start a movie in the theater, move with it to the kitchen and then to your bedroom.


You’ll have fast and reliable Internet access, with seamless WiFi coverage throughout your entire property. No worries, no crashes, no interruptions.

Home Theater:

Big screen movies can be yours without the hassle of going out. Theatrical image quality and sound that you can pause anytime you want—or multi-screen sports viewing perfect for your fantasy league.


The convenience and security of whole-house control with total simplicity. One-button or voice selection of family mode, party mode, reading, relaxing, midnight snack—whatever you wish, in a single room, a group of rooms or the entire property.


One-touch or voice control of your window treatments, in one or any combination of rooms, to ensure the perfect balance of natural light, privacy, and climate control. Or we can open and close them by time of day, always keeping your home comfortable.

Phone and Intercom:

Hardwired phones and intercoms still have a place in many homes. Our easy-to-use systems tie your land lines, smart phones and tablets together to make it super-simple for family members to reach each other and to talk to visitors at the front door or front gate.


Peace of mind is a crucial to the enjoyment of any home. Our video surveillance systems allow you to check on your home when you’re away and see who is coming up the driveway when you’re there.

Environmental Monitoring:

Take control of your living space by monitoring the Air Quality and use automated systems to